Skwooshi пластилин

How to make slime playdough. Easy homemade recipe.

This clay is soft, pliable, and very pleasant to the touch, and most importantly, it runs as a slime and may fall apart as the kinetic sand.
Great for gaming with children — develops motor skills and carries a child for a long time. It leaves no residue and rinse well.
Adult fits like a gum for the hands or the weight-stress 🙂

— Hair conditioner
— Corn starch
— Food coloring

All these ingredients can be bought in any supermarket

1. Mix 1 Cup of hair conditioner with 2.5 cups of corn starch. Spoon the mixture on the table, sprinkle more starch and knead the dough. The clay is ready and can play with it)
2. Divide mixture into parts and add each part to different food dyes, mix to a uniform color.


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